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Brownbreath constantly feature collections inspired by the slogan 'spread the message.'

Since is establishment in 2006,
Brownbreath has featured full collections of clothing and bags with new themes every season and aims for casual street clothing which can be worn comfortably.

Brownbreath has forged a unique path for itself which differs from other brands. Rather than simply creating products,
we feel that it is important to infuse them with meaning to communicate with customers.

This philosophy has been the driving force behind Brownbreath and conforms with the direction in which we will continus developing our brand.
We have grown with the slogan 'spread the message' and will continue walking side by side with consumers as we feature a variety of themes and products,
as well as people or brands leading our culture.

Brownbreath considers it important not to stop at simply creating producrs,
but rather to infuse its clothing with themes and meaning.

Brownbreath has featured the Logo line, STM line and Bag line.

The Logo line has a logo which best represents Brownbreath's identity and features clothing at resonable price which can be worn comfortably anytime, anywhere.
The STM line features items which visually depict the direction of the narrative of each season's new themes and brands based on the slogan of 'spread the message.'
The Bag line features new design and product power based on the bags which Brownbreath has previously released.
These items suit their purpose in terms of both design and structure.